Monday, November 9, 2015

Wrapping Up The Kite Runner: November 9, 2015

Focus: What do we need to wrap up before moving on to the last 6 weeks of the semester?

1. Warming up with a brief survey about your needs for next year

2. Enjoying a round of book talks

3. Viewing scenes from The Kite Runner with a focus on the bigger picture

4. Working on making final changes to your essays if needed

1. Final drafts of your hero's journey essays are due TODAY by 3:00 pm. They must be submitted properly to the "Final Draft" folder of to be counted as on time.

2. Book talks. Yep.

3. If you need to revise or make up anything (including fishbowl blogs and your summary-response essay), next Friday is the deadline.

4. If you'd prefer to use your own copy of A Long Way Gone, please start bringing it to class this Wednesday. Also, I will need to finish up my second round of annotation/journal feedback this week. If I only conferenced with you once please bring your books or hard copies of your journals to class Tuesday to turn in. If you typed your journal, just make sure it's in your KR folder so I can find it easily.

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