Thursday, November 5, 2015

Final Editing: November 5, 2015

Focus: What final revisions can we make to strengthen our writing style?

1. Warming up with a little creative writing designed to strengthen your verbs

  • Click HERE if you prefer to type.
  • Is your hero jumping over the threshold? Trudging through it? Tiptoeing

2. Whipping those verb tenses into shape
  • Beware the "ing." 
  • Keep all verbs in the present tense.
3. Using SAS Writing Reviser to improve sentence variety

  • Click on "Create Essay."
  • Play around with your new, robotic peer editor.
  • Make all revisions in your original Google Doc, not in this program.

4. Musical chairs peer editing using the rubric from yesterday

1. Optional: Turn your rough draft into the "Hero's Journey Synthesis Rough Draft" folder in This will help you check for plagiarism and might also iron out any technological wrinkles before you have to turn it in for real.

2. Edit your essay based on today's lessons and yesterday's slides (click HERE if you'd like to see the slides again).

3. Book talks. They're happening.

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