Thursday, November 12, 2015

Entering Sierra Leone with Beah: November 12, 2015

Focus: What does the opening chapter of A Long Way Gone reveal?

Please turn in your webquest or make sure it's in your A Long Way Gone folder.

If you worked with a partner, please make sure BOTH names are the one you submit.

1. Warming up with a 3-minute recap of the opening page

2. Offering you an overview of the journal options for A Long Way Gone

3. Reading Chapter 1 together and trying out your new focus; click HERE for the three-columned journal

4. Setting up a new and improved fishbowl (it has surprise twists!)

1. Follow the LGW reading schedule: Chapters 1 and 2 due Monday. Click HERE for the three-columned journal.

2. Open-note "quiz" on parallel structure tomorrow.

3. Book talks--lots tomorrow.

4. All make-up work, revisions, etc. from the past six weeks due tomorrow.

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