Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sanding and Polishing that Draft: November 4, 2015

Focus: What revisions will strengthen the content and style of our essays?

1. Warming up with the new and improved English 10 writing rubric

  • Highlight two areas where you see yourself as strong or distinguished.
  • Underline two areas you'd like to improve upon. 
  • Circle any places you don't understand/have questions about.

2. Bringing the art to your concluding sentences

  • My trick: How do the book and and film end? How does this relate to the rest of your essay?

3. Editing your essays for content and style: click HERE for the editing slides.

1. Optional: Turn your rough draft into the "Hero's Journey Synthesis Rough Draft" folder in This will help you check for plagiarism and might also iron out any technological wrinkles before you have to turn it in for real.

2. Edit your essay based on today's slides (click HERE if you'd like to see the slides again).

3. Book talks. They're happening.

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