Monday, November 30, 2015

Beah's Sountrack: November 30, 2015

Focus: What soundtrack has Beah chosen for his memoir and why?

1. Warming up with our final, final round of book talks

2. Enjoying a little musical memoir writing to explore the role of Ishmael's cassette tapes

a. Warming up your creative brain with one of these music-inspired writing prompts.

b. Thinking about the purpose of music in A Long Way Gone with your grid groups:

Topic #1: What's the role of music in your life? How many minutes do you spend listening to music a day? What kind? To what purpose?

Topic #2: Reread page 38 and the top of page 39 in A Long Way Gone. Plotwise, what's the role of the cassette tapes in this scene?

Topic #3: Metaphorically, what's the role of the cassette tapes in this scene? Try to think of several bigger ideas the tapes could symbolize and explain the connections.

3. Reading Chapters 9 and 10 and conferencing on your journals/annotations

Finish reading and annotating Chapters 9 and 10 to prepare for tomorrow's fishbowl discussion.

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