Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Using Setting to Depict Tone: November 18, 2015

PLC: Shortened Class

Focus: How does Beah use setting to create meaning?

1. Warming up: Exploring images with mood/tone prompts

Step 1: Describe the scene linked HERE using your five senses.

Step 2: What human emotions would you connect to this scene? Why?

Step 3: Write three sentences that describe this scene with a specific purpose: to evoke the emotion you described in Step 2.

Ex: Let's say I'm describing this classroom and trying to evoke the tone of anxiety:

The overhead project dangles delicately over my head, threatening to fall at any moment. The faint smell of smoke wafts down from it, and I wonder if a small fire has ignited within its metal prison. The sharp edges of a hard desk jut out by the classroom door and forbid a quick exit.

Repeat: Try this exercise one more time with the scene linked HERE.

2. Connecting back to Beah

"Slowly, we walked on a path through a thick forest. The trees hesitantly swayed with the quiet wind. The sky looked as if it was filled with smoke, endless gray smoke that made the sun dull." (Beah 39)

Click HERE if you need the Google doc version of today's handout on setting and tone.

3. Taking time to start tonight's reading assignment and to conference with Ms. Leclaire on your first rounds of reading journals/annotations

1. Read Chapters 6, 7, and 8 for Thursday's fishbowl discussion (20 pages); bring your reading journals/annotations to class tomorrow, Wednesday, for our first round of reading conferences.

2. If you haven't given your book talk yet, you will present on Friday.

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