Friday, December 4, 2015

Human Conditioning: December 4, 2015

Focus: How has Ishmael's brain been conditioned to be a soldier? What obstacles will he face in becoming a civilian again?

1. Warming up with "Connecting Clauses: Cheat Sheet"

2. Taking the quiz on connecting clauses

3. Reflecting on your hero's journey essays and your overall growth as a writer

4. Reading Chapters 15 of A Long Way Gone, keeping in mind the focus questions above and video clip we're going to watch on classical conditioning

  • As you watch the clip, respond to the following question: What is classical conditioning?
  • Reflecting on Chapters 12-14, consider the following question: How did the adult soldiers use classical conditioning on the child soldiers?
  • Making predictions for upcoming chapters, think about the following question: How will Ishmael's brain need to be reconditioned to become "human" again? What obstacles will he face?
Please read and annotate Chapter 16 (and finish 15) in A Long Way Gone by Monday.

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