Monday, December 14, 2015

Prepping for Poetry, Part 2: December 14, 2015

Focus: How do we apply our reading and writing skills to poetry?

If you have not conferenced with me on your A Long Way Gone annotations/journals, please turn yours in today.

1. Warming up with your found poetry--getting inside the poet's mind

2. Finishing your reading journals and doing a quick share

3. Outlining the synthesis paragraph and revisiting your hero's journey essays
(Here is the online version of the practice exam)
  • Create a Venn diagram to synthesis "Flight 93" with either The Kite Runner or A Long Way Gone.
  • Look at the overlapping section and use that to create your thesis.
  • Find 1-2 quotations from the poem that defend your thesis (look to your journal).
  • Think of 1-2 examples/quotations from KR or LWG that would defend your thesis.
  • Running through your hero's journey essays to remind ourselves how to compose synthesis paragraphs.

Show up to your final with your laptop and brain fully charged. You may also want paper for brainstorming.

1st hour: Tuesday, 7:21-8:46

3rd hour: Wednesday, 8:56-10:21

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