Thursday, May 5, 2016

Writing the Script: May 5, 2016

Focus: How do we write a script to develop real and imagined events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences? 

1. Warming up: Listening to an opening clip from a "real" documentary
What do you notice about the script itself (powerful words and phrases)?
How does the script turn this into a movie about us? In other words, how does it capture human interest?
What ideas can you steal for your mockumentary?

2. Looking at a sample script and developing/editing the timeline and script for your mockumentary

3. Please make sure that by the end of class, you have shown me your annotated research and your timeline as an absolute minimum; hopefully, you can show me your script as well. Please note that we have only FIVE days of work time left.

1. Finish your script by the end of class on Friday; aim to record it over the weekend; recording your script will take you approximately one zillion hours.

2. Final mockumentaries are due before class on May 13 (the last Friday of classes); this means that you have six work days left. Extensions will not be granted for any reason. Students usually have one or two nights during this project where they spend a few solid homework hours creating their film (especially when it's time to record the script).

3. All make-up work/revisions must be submitted by Wednesday, May 11. No grades in IC will be changed after this point (this is to ensure that I have time to grade your work).

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