Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Editing the Film: May 11, 2016

Focus: How can we edit and polish our films?

1. Warming up with shocking last-minute conversations of years past

2. Offering you a mini lesson on Works Cited pages: Try

Your two Works Cited options:

Include a Works Cited slide in your film.


PRINT a hard copy of a Works Cited page and hand it in BEFORE you present your film.  Please do not just Google share it with me because I will be grading your films on the spot.

Remember to include all sites on your Works Cited page.

3. Working on your mockumentary films and checking out THE RUBRIC

1. Record your narration today/tonight if you have not yet done so.
2. TODAY is the final deadline for revisions, make-up work, etc.
4. MAY 13 is the final deadline for mockumentaries; no extensions will be granted.

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