Monday, May 2, 2016

Tackling the Research: May 3, 2016

Focus: How we can we establish a strong, academic background for our mockumentaries?

1. Warming up with banned book presentations

2. Finishing your how/why charts and five annotated articles; please show me EACH STEP AS YOU FINISH.
  • Remember that you need to annotate each article with your brainstorming and questions: 
    • You can copy and paste articles into a Google doc and insert comments, or 
    • You can print and manually highlight and jot stuff down, or 
    • You can copy only what you need from each article and follow it with a bullet point of your thoughts. Whatever works!
  • Keep track of your sources and start a Works Cited page (I suggest Easybib and a list of hyperlinks).
  • Keep everything inside your Mockumentary Folder.

3. Introducing the timeline and creating your projections into the future

1. If you have not yet finished finding and annotating your five annotated articles, please finish BEFORE class tomorrow.

2. Remember that final mockumentaries are due before class on May 13 (this is the last Friday of classes); we will be begin watching them promptly at 7:20 and will continue watching them through our finals period.

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