Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finalizing the Film: May 12, 2016

Focus: What final editing does our film need?

1. Warming up with Ms. Leclaire's final mini lesson on publishing:

Be sure your film is finalized and shared BEFORE class tomorrow (it can take some time, so don't wait until class).
  • You will likely click "Publish," and/or "Exports" and/or "Upload to Youtube"; you don't have to convert to a youtube video, but you need to have a link you can share with me and simply click "play." 
  • Check to make sure it works.
  • E-mail your link to me at OR share it with me by placing it in your English 10 folder in Google Drive.
  • You want it in a place where you won't have to sign in on my computer.

2. Working on your films for the final time!

3. Looking through the rubric one last time; make sure you have a copy for me to use tomorrow. Remember also that your Works Cited page must either be part of your film or printed; it cannot just be shared with me via Google Drive.

Do you know when your English 10 final is?
(If you are not present at your final, your film will be counted as late and receive half credit.)

1st hour: Monday, 7:15 am
3rd hour: Tuesday, 8:56 am

1. Mockumentaries are due at the beginning of class tomorrow, May 13. Extensions are not an option, so you will need to play your film as it is.

2. Please print your Works Cited page or include it in your film. 

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