Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Creating the Film: May 10, 2016

Focus: What techniques can we use to create the film?

1. Warming up with simple yet effective film techniques:

Example #1: A published mockumentary from 2007: Epic
Example #2: Supersize Me

2. Giving you time to gather images, music, and videos

Here are helpful links/ideas from yesterday's blog:
  • MUSIC: Click HERE  for a website that converts youtube music videos to MP3s (this is an easy way to get music for your film).
  • VIDEO: Click HERE for a website that converts youtube videos into videos (MP4s) you can use in your film.
  • If your film will be five minutes or less (or you're willing to pay), try www.wevideo.com
  • If you have a Mac, use iMovie.
  • If you have a laptop with Windows and your film will be longer than five minutes, try Movie Maker.
1. Record your narration today/tonight if you have not yet done so.
2. MAY 11 (tomorrow) is the final deadline for revisions, make-up work, etc.
3. MAY 13 is the final deadline for mockumentaries; no extensions will be granted.
4. If you have a laptop, you need to be charging it and bringing it this week.

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