Friday, May 13, 2016

The Final Begins! May 13, 2016

Focus: What can we learn about our society through each other's films?

1. Warming up with a few final thoughts:
  • Turn in your Works Cited page with your name on it (if it's not in your film).  
  • Keep it on the quiet side...tests could be happening on the other side of the wall.
  • No late work will be accepted at this point; make-up work and revisions were due last Wednesday.
  • Final grades for this class will be posted by noon the day after your English final.
  • An 89.4% = B+; an 89.5 = A-. Grades are non-negotiable, so please don't e-mail me.
  • Watch each other's mockumentaries respectfully, and enjoy!

2. Presenting our films!

Do you know when your English 10 final is?
(If you are not present at your final, your film will be counted as late and receive half credit.)

1st hour: Monday, 7:15 am
3rd hour: Tuesday, 8:56 am

1. Show up for your final on time.

2. If you have any books, please turn them in to avoid hold-ups at arena scheduling.

3. If you have a school Chromebook, you must turn it in and its charger on the day of your final in this class.

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