Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Looking for Patterns in Poems: August 26, 2015

PLC: Shortened Class Today

Focus: How do we find patterns in poems?

"By telling the truth," according to Auden, poetry can "disenchant and disintoxicate."

1. Warming up with a little grid group reflection: Where did you get stuck, and what did you do?

Large group follow-up: What was the most useful reading strategy you used, and what did it help you figure out?

2. Sectioning ("chunking") the poem and seeking patterns with Billy Collins' "Introduction to Poetry"

How to section:

What happens when the author's stanzas aren't helping? Or there aren't any stanzas? Section the poem yourself by looking for SHIFTS!

My tricks to finding shifts: 
  • Circle your buts (and other words that indicate shift, such as "however," "on the other hand," etc...)
  • Look for end punctuation, such as periods, semicolons, question marks, and exclamation points.
How to use the sections to find patterns:

In a word, this section is about...

For example: In a word, this section is about falling.

b. Drawing conclusions: Looking at these words, form a full statement about each poem: On a deeper level, this song or poem is about...

For example: On a deeper level, this poem is about the world's indifference to tragedy.

1. Using the strategy of sectioning the poem to find patterns (along with any other reading strategies that seem helpful to you), type your reading journal, linked HERE to analyze the Williams Carlos Williams poem on the back of the Auden poem (also linked here: William Carlos Williams poem). You may either print your journal or share it with me by putting it inside your Critical Reading Bootcamp folder.

2. Signatures, background research, and book are due this Friday, August 28.

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