Wednesday, August 19, 2015

English 10 Pre-Assessment: August 19, 2015

Focus: What reading and writing skills are you bringing to the table?

1. Warming up by setting up your English folder

a.  Please create a Google folder and give it a title with your last name and "English 10."

b.  Share it with me immediately at

c. Inside that folder, create a folder with your last name and "Common Assessments."

d. Inside that folder, create a new Google doc that has your last name and "Writing Pre-Assessment" in the title.  Whew! 

2. Understanding the rationale behind the sophomore writing pre-assessment and taking it

1. Have you decided on your independent reading book? If you're going to check out your independent reading book from the library, go ahead and check it out.  If you're going to purchase it, go ahead and order it or figure out when you're going to get to the bookstore.  The first day you will need your book is Friday, August 28.

2. Once you have decided on your book, ask your parents to sign the letter distributed in class today.  This letter is also due Friday, August 28 (note: you will not be able to start your independent reading book until I have your parents' permission unless you selected a school-approved book).

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